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Strategy, Management and Organization

Young men and women who are aspiring to become managers in organizations and business corporations would be well served to take this course in Strategy, Management and Organization. It is a course that teaches managerial decision making, strategy and organizational management, in order to maximizethe performance of the organization and lead to the success of the organization in the highly competitive business arena.

This course contents in Strategy, management and Organization are addressed to the areas that are usually confronted by modern managers such as the types of products and processes that are best for modern managers to concentrate on; the activities and operations that are best carried out internally and those that could be subcontracted to outside agents; strategies for geographical expansion of the organization; coordinating and motivating the company’s human resources and stakeholders to optimize performance; Structuring the scope and internal organization to meet the changes in the environment; the role of leadership and culture in improving the synchronization and flexibility of the organizational agents.

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This course would usually contain modules on Managerial Decision Making and Strategy and Organizational Management.

1. Managerial Decision Making involves the process of identifying problems and opportunities and resolving them. Managerial decision making models include the classical, administrative and the political types. The six steps of managerial decision making the four personal styles of decision making normally used my managers, the advantages and disadvantages of participative decision making, and techniques for improving decision making to meet the modern business environment are also part of the module.

2. Strategy and Organizational Management: This subject may contain sub-modules in Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Theory, Business Strategy/Policy, Industrial and Labour Relations, Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, and Technology Commercialization.

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A good Human Resource Manager needs to be thorough in areas like Recruitment and Selection; Training and Development; Performance Management Systems or Performance Appraisals at different levels; Compensation Management including payroll and salary mechanisms; Labour Laws, Labour Relations and Grievance Handling; Competency Mapping; Total Quality Management by HR; Skills management; Talent identification and Management; Leadership Development Management Development; Job Enrichment; and Change Management.

Organizational Behaviour and human perception revolves around changing employee behaviour and motivating employees. It also includes areas frompower, leadership and decision making and the issues of conflict, stress, and communication within groups.

Organizational Theory, on the other hand, serves to analysecomplexsituations in the organizations and find effective and creative solutions to deal with them. Organizational theories can be modern, symbolic-interpretive and postmodern. The concepts and theories of each perspective offer distinctideas about organizations and methods of tackling the problems therein.

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In the unit on Business Strategy/Policy, students learn through case analysis on topics such as strategic management, social responsibility, environmental and internal analysis and diagnosis, strategy selection, as well as implementation and evaluation. Modules in Industrial and Labour Relations would normally include the theory and concepts of industrial Relations, Trade Unions and Industrial Disputes, Collective Bargaining, Grievance Management, employee discipline and worker participation and Labour Laws.

The course on Technology Commercialization would help in understanding the main concepts and options in the commercialization of technology; methods for assessing the commercial potential of technologies; the stages in the process of taking the technology from the laboratory to the marketplace; and the intellectual property rights and licensing factors that affect the commercialization process.

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