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Strategic Management

Strategic Management is necessary for the effective and efficient running of businesses and organisations. The manager needs to understand the different issues and challenges in the company’s environment, the goals and objectives of the management and the strategic planning that is required to reach these goals. Units in this subject include core concepts,structuresand techniques of strategic management.

The core subjects under this course would normally include Strategy & Leadership, Analytical Tools for Business Management, Corporate Finance, Project and Consultancy Management, Business Research Methods, Strategic Marketing and Understanding & Leading Organisations.

Strategy & Leadership: Successful entrepreneurs also need to besuccessful organisational leaders. The necessary skills and knowledge for building leadership qualities, the most recent management knowledge and perceptions, are explored in this subject with units in Leadership Assessment examining interpersonal and teamwork skills,understanding top management challenges and responsibilities,and Managing People and Organisations.

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Analytical Tools for Business Management: Business analytics are the requisite skills, technologies, applications and practices that are needed for the constantand repetitive examination and analysis of business performance in the past using data and statistical methods,in order to obtaininformation for effective business planning. Analytical tools may be used for human or automated decision making.

Corporate Finance: deals with the necessary theoretical financial concepts and tools for analysingfinancial decisions. Units like methodsof discounted cash flow, corporate capital valuation and budgeting,making investment decisionsin uncertain conditions,pricing capital assets, and efficiency in marketing.

Project and Consultancy Management: The company consultancy project often a large amount of relevant and crucial data must be collected through proper fieldwork, research and analysis of this data and making strategic recommendations to the company regarding its future plans.

Business Research Methods: Practical research skills, the principles of research and associating the researchprocedures with the theories in their speciality are the areas covered in the syllabus for this subject.

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Strategic Marketing: Planning, executing and controlling marketingactivities using strategic methods are the foundations of this subject.Analyticaltechniques needed for planning and control of marketing and practical and combinedskills required for preparation of business plans are examined in this subject.

Understanding & Leading Organisations: Understanding of the intricacies of managing people and leading teams in the organisation is important for an entrepreneur and manager. Key concepts in management,classical theory and contemporary approaches to leadership and the differences between management and leadership qualities are examined in this subject.Other topics included are management of systems processes and resources linked to performance management.

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Other optional subjects can be selected for the appropriate specialisations that are desired such as:

1. Financial Services:that includes topics in the basics of Financial Services, Financial Institutions, Financial Services Regulation and Governance, and Advanced Corporate Finance

2. Retail: including basics of Retail, Current Issues in Retailing, Experiential Retailing and Location Strategy and Retail Branding.

3. Human Resources Management with the basics of Human Resources Management, Performance Management,Incentives and the Employment Laws.

4. Innovation explores the basics of Innovation, Technological Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Management.

5. Supply Chain Management: introduces the student to the concepts of Supply Chain Management, Strategic Operations Management and Strategic Supply Chains.

6. Information Systems examines the basics of Information Systems, Strategic Information Systems, Strategic Systems Analysis,Information Technology Governance and Quality Assurance.

7. Marketing includes the basics of Marketing, SalesManagement, CurrentIssues in Marketing,Global Marketing and Analysis for Marketing Decision Making.

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