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Sociology can be defined as the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society and its social problems. Students wishing to study this course at the master’s level have to attend a Graduate Seminar,Presentations and an orientation to the requirements of the university and the course along with the required class hours allotted for the different subject modules.

The subject modules in this course include: History of Sociological Thought, Contemporary Social Theory, Readings in Sociology, Advanced Quantitative Methods in Sociology, Qualitative Methodology, Research Design Seminar, Advanced Anthropological Theory, Readings in Anthropology, Historical Perspectives on Anthropological Theory, Ethnographic Methodology: Social/Cultural Anthropology and Problems in Social Analysis.

History of Sociological Thought: This module explores the evolution of sociological thought through history. The sociological philosophies of significant thinkers such as Marx, Weberand Durkheim are reviewed to understand their contribution to the development of sociology. Also analysed will be the influence of other philosophers like Montesquieu, Rousseau, Descartes, Spinoza, Bacon, Hobbes, andLocke.

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Contemporary Social Theory: deals with the development of the post WW II aspects of social theory. Units such as feminism,symbolic interactionism, structuralism, post-structuralism, post-Marxism, post-modernism, post-colonialism, queer theory and neo-functionalism would be explored in this subject.

Readings in Sociology: consists of selections from journals and books that bring to light the complexities of our social world and extendthe student’s awareness of the aspects of sociological analysis. The topics could be related to areas to social inequality as well as race, class, and gender issues.

Advanced Quantitative Methods in Sociology: Quantitative research methodology using statistical analysis is the basis of this study. The objective is to furnish the student with the necessary inputs and skills in social research and to critically assesscurrent sociological literature papers that make use ofadvanced quantitative methods.

Qualitative Methodology: provides the background and applications of qualitative research methods in Sociology and Anthropology.The tools that are important for qualitative analysis will also be discussed during the course along with practical experience in preparing and using these tools for assessing qualitative research in Sociology and Anthropology.

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Research Design: This subject is explored through a seminar. The process of designing and the various aspects of conducting a research in sociology for a thesis presentation is the main focus of this seminar.

Advanced Anthropological Theory: This subject involves a review of the modern theories in Anthropology through writings, to understand the vibrant relationship among the theoreticalobjectives, social associations in research, and the socio-political frameworks of anthropological work.

Readings in Anthropology: reading selected excerpts from leading journals and books are recommended for understanding the subject through the various aspects.

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Historical Perspectives on Anthropological Theory: provides the students with knowledge of the historical and cultural perspectives of anthropological theorythrough the review of classical works in anthropology in order to relate the paradigm shifts that the subject has undergone through the various time periods in the past to the present times as well as dynamics that caused these changes.

Ethnographic Methodology: Social/Cultural Anthropology: this subject involves the anthropological evaluations of ethnographic methodology and methods. The contemporary controversies and other issues relevant to ethics to be followed while conducting research in sensitivesituations, cooperativeassociations with theparticipants and groups,and such other modules will be the basis of this subject.

Selected Problems in Social Analysis: This module will provide the student with a variety of problems in the social milieu that can be taken up for further research and analysis.

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