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Psychology is “the study of the mind and behaviour". Human behaviour and the theories and practical research that has been done on this subject are the main areas of study. Students find this course stimulating and thought-provoking because of the very nature of the subject and strive to understand the contribution of psychology to the individual, social and cultural diversity, and thereby appreciate their behaviour patterns and reasons for changes in them.

The course normally covers subjects such as: Theories and Systems in Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Child Development, Psychology of Child Development, Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Ethical Issues and Research methods.

Theories and Systems in Psychology: This subject deals with the various theories in psychology and traces their origins and development through the ages time periods. Also discussed are the keycomparative areas in the leading schools of thought such asbehaviourism, humanism and psychoanalysis. Deliberations on topics such as mind versus body, free will versus determinism and reductionism are also part of the subject.

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TSocial Psychology: The different types of relationships, effects of media, pressures from groups and peers, prejudices, stereotypes in gender and cultural spheres and their impact on the involvement and behaviours of the individual are explored in this subject. The social issues in the present times and their causes are topics for research.

Psychology of Child Development: Childhood experiences and their influence on the development of the child’s psychology are issues for exploration in this subject. Other units include the nurture versus nature theory, multicultural issues in fashioning the child’s behaviour, cognitive and social development at the different milestones of the child’s growth.

The Biological Basis of Human Behaviour: The relationships and influencesof the human biology on the behaviour of individuals are examined in this subject. For example, the influence of biological processes such as sleep, dreams and hypnosis on human behaviour and the degree to which thesedetails can be valuableinrecognisingandillustrating human behaviour.

Abnormal Psychology:The different types of abnormal behaviour due to psychological and emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression, mania and schizophrenia, their symptoms, and the choice of treatments that are available for them are the main topic covered in this subject. Discussions based on the discrepancies in the different explanations and treatment methods prevailing for these abnormalities in the different cultures, andcritical evaluationof the abnormalitymodel put forward by the medical professions are part of the course.

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Cognitive Psychology: This subject deals with the different processes of the cognitive areas in humans such as memory and forgetfulness. The extant theories, representations and research in these areas are examined during this course.

Ethical Issues: that arise whenpeople are asked to participate in research involving psychologicalinvestigations and the guidelines, such as those issued by the American Psychological Associationand the British Psychological Society in research ethics that have to be followed when undertaking such research are discussed.

Research methods: The different types of research methodology and their individual advantages and drawbacks for conducting research in psychology are explored in this subject. The characteristics of research in psychology are discussed along with the design and execution ofinvestigational and non-investigationalresearch will also be examined to help the students plan, choose, devise and apply a suitable design for their research paper.

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