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International Relations

It is very important to understand the difference between ‘globalisation’ and ‘internationalisation’ as these two terms are not synonyms. While globalization can be defined as a spreading, developing, and strengthening influence of world-wide integration, internationalisation can be defined as the coming together of concepts and actions thatstimulatecollaborativeinitiatives and concurrenceamongst countries.In this context, the course International Relations deals with the study of the connections and interactions that are taking place between the nations of the world at the present time. Starting with a look into the major theories regarding international relationships, the student of this course would gradually come to understand the situations and issues confronting the world today when there is news of new conflicts and pacts being signed for mutual trade and aid.

The core areas in this course at the master’s level would normally include: Theoretical Approaches in International Relations and International Relations Dissertation.

Other modules from which two to four subjects can be selected for study would include: Conflict, Complex Emergencies and Global Governance, European Defence and Security Analysis, American Foreign Policy, Contemporary Politics of the Middle East, Political Transitions in South East Asia, Contemporary International Security, Contemporary Issues in Nuclear Non-Proliferation and WMD, International Law and Ethics in the War on Terror, International Politics and The Environmentand Policing Post-Conflict Cities.

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Theoretical Approaches in International Relations:In this module, the student is made aware of the relationships that exist between striving for power and the struggle between concepts. The chief socio-political and philosophical movements that gave rise to and are still dominant forces in the concept of internationalism are discussed, along with the different conflicting positions held by the different entities that influence the events in the present day world.

International Relations Dissertation: Independent research has to be carried out with a substantial dissertation based on one of the topics studied to be submitted at the end of the course. This dissertation has to be a reflection of the student’s different research skills such as, thecollection of data, the analysis of data, connecting the information to the different concepts and theories in International Relations and forming a pertinent conclusion.

Conflict, Complex Emergencies and Global Governance: This module provides an overview of the economic and political concepts of the currenttypes of conflict at the civil, regional and international levels. The different types of policies that deal with the issues in the humane, developmentand security of the country during the instability and conflict situations and the as well as the modifications undertaken by the administrationand other non-governmental bodies are discussed in this module.

European Defence and Security Analysis: The European Union, its characteristics, the defence and security systems that are in place to face problems from inside and outside the states, the cooperation between the states to make this system effective, and the part played by the Union in the international system are the topics discussed in this subject.

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American Foreign Policy: An overview of the important foreign policies of the US is crucial for understanding the effects these policies have in the present day world. The formulation methods of these policies and the issues that they address are part of the module.

Contemporary Politics of the Middle East: The current issues in the Middle Eastern countries with special reference to those involving thephilosophies, religious radicalism, gender, the parts played by the military and the political parties are dealt with in this subject.

Political Transitions in South East Asia: South East Asian countries are undergoing a sea-change to more open political systems. These transitions would be explored with reference to the development of democracy and civil society in these countries.

Contemporary International Security: International security issues arise from not only the conflict between states or militaries, they also develop fromintricate political, economic, environmental, social and culturalsources, including a widevariety of non-state participants. The units in the subject explore these issues.

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Contemporary Issues in Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Weapons of Mass Destruction: the problemsfaced by the world because of the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and ballistic missiles, nuclear terrorism, and a general idea of the international non-proliferation system are the units to be studies in this subject.

International Law and Ethics in the War on Terror: The post-Cold War and 9/11war on terror, the nature and efficacy of international laws in this respect, especially those regulateself-defence and humanitarian intervention, the use of force in managing situations like the handling of prisoners or terror suspects are the matters discussed in this subject.

International Politics and The Environment: is about how the international political processes are implicatedin instigatingas well assorting outinternational environmental problems.

Policing Post-Conflict Cities: This subject deals with the methods used by the police to bring back order and security to a city after a conflict. The agreement of the citizens to abide by the rules governing the city and the security aspects that have to be handled are explored through discussion.

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