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Information System And Business Computing

The use of computers in businesses has become widespread and professionals with both technical as well as business skills are needed everywhere. Information system and business computing is a course that is tailor-made for such professionals. The essentials of business and commercial knowledge as well as the business computing skills are combined to give an edge to students aspiring for such professions. The subjects studied in this course can be selected from a range of business as well as computing topics such as Knowledge Engineering, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management and Information Technologies and E-business.

Knowledge Engineering: This course provides knowledge engineering as a group of techniques that are useful in processing of data at the individual as well as corporate levels. It is seen as a practical procedureto process data and knowledge. Mind-mapping and concept-mapping including topics such as system analysis and its applications, the roles of data, information and knowledge in various applications like marketing and management and the relationships among themare explored, along with the differentmethodsrequired to set up and apply them in an effective manner.The various features of theoretical and methodological topics with reference to the acquisition of knowledge such as the principles, visual approaches, problems, and packages, the demarcation and documentation of the perceptible aspects for knowledge modelling and visual illustrations are discussed.

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Business Intelligence: Business intelligence provides the critical information that is the most important requisite of all businesses through all the levels in the organisations. Business intelligence also involves the analysis and sharing of this critical business information with the various stakeholders starting from the suppliers, partners and employees to the customers. In the modern global business environment, business intelligence is of utmost importance to manage the operations of the organisations as well as in making important business decisions. Speed and easy accessibility are the two main aspects of effective business intelligence that can be made so through use of technology to automate and enhance the large amount of data needed to make informed and fact-based decisions. This would provide the key leverage needed in making swift managerial decisions thereby increasing the profitability margins, higher shares in the markets, and enhanced customer service. Data warehouses, Business Process Management, Decision Engineering, Software Engineering and Project Management, Database Systems Architecture are the topics to be studied under this subject.

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Business Process Management and Information Technologies: This subject is a combination of the management of business processes and information technology and integrates the tools and techniques necessary for designing, applying, controlling, and analysing theeffectivebusiness practicesand encompassesindividuals, companies and software applications. The topics studied dealt with in this subject would usually include: Business Process Management Implementation Strategies, Process Modelling, Analysis and Design, Governance and Business strategy, Modelling process with Business Process Management, Fault Handling and Exception Management, Business Rules, Business Process Management as the facilitator of service-oriented architecture, and the Architecture of a Business Process Management System.

E-business: This subject investigates e-business and itsmanagement. This subject is also a combination of business and technology and as such is an interdisciplinary one. The stand units in this topic would normally include aspects of basic business and their different applications in the business arena such as in commercial business, government, education, and health services. The key components of E-business, the opportunities it offers and the limitations that best it are discussed. The topic also explores the different issues and risks that are part of the rapidly evolving e-business environment.

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