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Industrial And Organizational Psychology

The master’s level course in Industrial and Organisational Psychology has two common courses in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and in Statistics. This is a management course that is aligned with the Human Resources Management.

Other courses that could be selected from Personnel Selection, Performance Measurement and Rewards, Training in Organisations, Work Motivations and Attitudes, Organisational Development and Leadership & Strategic Change.

Industrial and Organisational Psychology is based on the scientific study of organisations and their workforce and their behavioural patterns. This study would help the student understand the socio-psychological aspects of the employees and the impact of the work environment on the organisational behaviours.

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Statistics methods studied for both qualitative as well as quantitative research analysis would include areas in descriptive statistics and inferential statistics such as correlation, multiple regression, logistic regression, multivariate analysis of variance, structural equation modelling and hierarchical linear modelling. Also qualitative methods such as content & focus groups, case studies and interviews would be dealt with.

Personnel selection deals with the different methods and modes of recruiting employees for the organisation. It not only deals with hiring, but also with internal promoting of personnel to their apt positions. Procedures for selection of personnel recruitment would include validity test to conduct evidence-based procedures in the cognitive, physical and psychomotor ability tests.

Performance Measurement and Rewards is also popularly known as performance appraisal and compensation decisions. This course is used by the HR department for performance management and to provide information for improvement, promotion or recruitment purposes. The compensatory benefits that accrue to the employees based on their performance during the year have to be calculated and presented.

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Training in Organisations is used to enhance the skills that the employees may need to function effectively in their sphere of operation or employment. Training needs have to be identified along with the personnel most suitable for the training. Pre-training and post-training evaluations are conducted to find the need and the effectiveness of the training offered to the employees.

Work Motivations and Attitudes is a subject that is very necessary for a human resources manager in order to keep up the drive and motivation of the organisation’s employees at the optimum level that is required for the best production levels. Need-based theories, cognitive process theories, behavioural theories and job-based theories are the different aspects that have to be understood for motivating the employees.

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Organisational Development is necessary for an efficient and viable organisation. Organisational development can be achieved through conducting workforce surveys, participative management strategies, and by making use of the approaches from behavioural science.

Leadership & Strategic Change: In order to bring in the planned strategic changes in the organisation, a good leadership involvement is necessary. The manager’s leadership qualities must be developed to take the organisation to the envisioned objectives. Leaders are responsible for setting the direction and goals of the organisation, bringing together the employees to align with that vision and motivating them to achieve the goal. The manager’s role as the change agent is very important to the constant improvement of the organisation.

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