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Human Resources And Global Leadership

A master’s course in Human Resources & Global Leadership is designed to prepare the students to bring in change that would have an impact on the leadership from the individual to the global levels. In order to facilitate change, the barriers to change have to be understood and learn how to bring in positive changes as global leaders. The following are the main subjects of study in this course, with a brief description of each of them:

Leading International Change in a Global Setting: This course would serve as a base for understanding, management, expediting and improving constructive change strategies to support the organisations, the countries and regions where the student could be working later.

Global Issues: The problems in the global arena with reference to the organisations such as the private, public, NGO and others and their positive and negative impact on the global system..

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Comparative Leadership Studies: As the title explains, the course compares the leadership qualities and traits in different countries and cultures across the globe, in order to understand and learn from them to become effective leaders.

Understanding the Global Political Arena: The political and historical perspective is explored in this course to understand the present day issues with special reference to the environmental, social, economic areas.

Leading International Teams: In this course the problems of leading international, ‘virtually displaced’ teams are discussed and the strategies that could help in the effective leadership of such teams are explored.

Human Rights and Social Justice: Human rights issues and social justice at the international level with regard to the different types of legal instrument extant round the world are discussed in this course, to help understand civil and political rights, especially of children, women, minorities, ethnic groups and indigenous peoples.

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Leading People and Managing Relationships: Leading and managing people through building and maintaining a proper relationship with them is important for a manager. Theories in emotional intelligence, self-leadership, strategic talent development are areas explore in this course.

Leading across Cultures: This course provides the awareness and competencies needed to work at a global level and across multi-cultural environments through understanding the different cultural backgrounds in the world. Effective communication, inter-cultural empathy, problem solving skills and the ability to negotiate and collaborate with the employees from different cultural backgrounds are the important aspects of this course.

Issues in Leading International Development: especially in regions that are less economically developed, are explored through theories in basic international development and practice. Ethical aspects such as colonialism, degradation of the environment, corruption, and the barriers placed by the social, political and economic policies of the governments will be discussed.

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Global Environmental Issues: includes units in global warming, surface and groundwater pollution, air pollution, degradation of the soil, deforestation, biodiversity, fossil fuels and alternative sources of energy. This course explores the ways in which regional and international agencies and policies can be made use of to protect and preserve the precious resources and environment.

Understanding the Global Economy: an understanding into the workings of the global economy is necessary to bring in changes in the international monetary & financial dealings, international trade, global accounting standards, overseas investment and transnational organisations.

Global Health Issues: such as infectious diseases spread by water, air and contact, pest transmitted diseases like malaria, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, lack of proper health care, clean water and sanitation are dealt with along with the impact of cultural, economic, political and environmental factors that lead to their persistence.

Ethical Governance: the role of multi-party systems and civil organizations in promoting inclusiveness and comprehensive participation in decision-making at the national and international arenas are explored in this subject. The main thrust would be to bring in transparency and accountability in the governance and government departmentsas well as in the financial institutions. The basic principles of governance and how to bring in ethicality in the governance standards would be discussed.

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