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Finance And Business Economics

The master’s course in Finance and Business Economics combines the study of finance and economics together with a business school focus. Both finance and business are accorded equal importance in this course.

The emphasis of the course is on finance and the associatedfieldsof business economics with an international slant.Business economics, relationships between international macroeconomics and global capital markets, economics of business organisational structuresare some of the topics dealt with.

The course may include required compulsory units such as Essentials of Finance, Data Analysis for Business Economics, International Macroeconomics and Global Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Analysis of Business Structures, and Financial Econometrics. A selection of optional subjects could made from: Foundations of Finance Theory, Portfolio Investment, Derivative Securities,Analysis of Financial Statements, Empirical Finance; Mergers and Acquisitions, Economic and Financial Aspects, International Finance,ActualOpportunities in Corporate Finance, International Trade, International Business, Governments and Competitiveness.

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Data Analysis for Business Economics: using the principles of statistics and their application in business economic matters, illustrative statistics, fundamental statistical distributions and applications to business economic data, sampling,testing of hypothesis, regression analysis, testing and analysis of regression results, time series modelling are topics that are usually explored in this subject.

International Macroeconomics and Global Capital Markets: In the modern day scenario of global markets and multinational organisations, it is imperative to understand the significance of the interdependence and interactions in the global economic system. Units like monetary issues and the combination of national economies into the international economy,global trade, capital flows and investment are examined in this subject along with issues like the pressure situations that arise due to globalisation.

Corporate Finance:The financial concepts, time value of money and financial analysis with regard to the corporates is dealt with in this subject. The units studied in this would include: risk and return, cost of capital, capital structures and capital budgeting, decision making, dividend policies, long-term capital financing and working capital management.

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Analysis of Business Structures: Business structures are the different entities that make up the business like the resources, employees, activities and the products. This is also called business architecture. The information system design and integration is not the only criteria for analysing the business structure. Structural analysis also consists of the inter-relationships and interactions between these entities by utilising methodology that would serve to give an overall view of the organisation.

Financial Econometrics: Quantitative issues that arise from financial environments are analysed using financial econometrics.Statisticaltechniques and economic theory are made use of in this study to tacklevarious problems in finance. Constructing financial models, assessment and interpretations of financial models, assessment of unpredictability, riskmanagement, examiningfinancial economics theory, pricing of capital assets, derivative pricing, portfolioallocation, risk-adjusted returns, simulating financial systems andhedging strategies are some of the areas explored in this subject.

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Portfolio Investment: deals with investment in securities meant only for financialgain and not for establishing aenduring interest in the organisations or for effectingmanagement control over them.Portfolio investments are usually made over a range and types of securities or other investmentinstruments, in order to spread the risk, minimise the possibilities of loss because of the below par performance of some investments.

Analysis of Financial Statements: Financial statement analysis is necessary identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise by establishing relationships between the items of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account. Methods or techniques used in analysing financial statements include comparative statements, schedule of changes in working capital, common size percentages, funds analysis, trend analysis, and ratios analysis.

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