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A management course in Entrepreneurship is normally needed by students aspiring to start their own companies or organisations. But it is more than just starting a company: the entrepreneur has to be aware of the opportunities, procure and assign resources, and create value. Value creation is usually made by correctly identifying the gaps or needs that are not satisfied or by bringing in changes according to the opportunity offered. Thus entrepreneurs are opportunists who are able to change problems into opportunities for business and find suitable solutions to the problems encountered and offer them to the customers who need them.

The different subjects under this course would include Finance, Financial Reporting and Control, Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, and Technology & Operations Management.

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Finance: Topics in this course would normally include: Basic Analytical Skills and Principles of Corporate Finance, Functions of Modern Capital Markets and Financial Institutions, and Standard Techniques of Analysis, including Capital Budgeting, Discounted Cash Flow Valuation, and Risk Analysis. These units provide a basis for the different finance areas that support the functions of the company and give a glance into the impact of financial decisions on creating value for the company.

Financial Reporting and Control: The different processes and procedures that are necessary for the effective communication of the economics of a business and the different rolesof accounting in the organisation are the areas covered in this course. For this, the topics would include knowledge of the concepts and language of accounting for effective communication, monitoring, and resource allocation, mastering the vocabulary of financial statements and accounting reports, and get an awarenessofthe theories of modern accounting and control that areemployedin the estimation of economic conditions and making effective decisions at the organisational level.

Leadership and Organizational Behaviour: The course in Leadership and Organizational Behaviour lays emphasis on changing managers into effective leaders through human resource development and management. Units in this course study individuals, teams,and employee networks with regard to identifying the determinants of group culture, dealingwith the individual performance of employee, creatingfruitfulinteractions with colleaguesand seniors. Leadership qualities such as developing a futuristic vision for the organisation, bringing into line of the vision the whole organisation, motivating the employees to reach the vision expectations, planning efficient organisations as change agents to take them to the higher performance levels, and lastly, an introductiontoperfect strategic career management.

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Marketing: This course examines the importance of marketing to the organisation and the inter-relationship of marketing with the other operations of the organisation. It also serves to demonstrate the importance of effective marketing strategies based on a proper understanding of buyer behaviour and explores value creation through strategic marketing techniques. As an entrepreneur, marketing decisions have to be made within the framework of the general management. In the same manner, it is also important to regulate the different factors of the marketing mix by creating proper product policies, forming the necessary channels for distribution of products, effective communication and a pricing that would satisfy the customer. Brand management is also linked to this subject. The evolution of marketing, especially in this age of the internet is also discussed in this unit.

Technology and Operations Management: is a course that prepares the future entrepreneur for guaranteeing the company’s position in the highly competitive industrial scenario through understanding the various complex processes that underpin the manufacturing as well as the service industries. Topics in this subject comprise: Process analysis, Cross-functional and Cross-firm Integration, Product Development, Information Technology, and Technology &Operations Strategy.

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