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Cost Management

Cost Management course prepares students for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam. It involves a deep understanding of cost accounting with emphasis on its effect in internal reporting and the consequential decision-making processes. The course explores the basics and ethics of costing systems as exercisedin the management accounting profession, along with an analysis of areas in budgeting, cost behaviour, concepts and principles of pricing and profitability, applications of cost allocations, product quality, and investment decisions and examine the current trends thateffect cost accounting.

Subjects in this course would usually include Managerial Costing, Operations Management, Cost Control and Organisation Development.

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Managerial Costing:deals mainly with the analysis of costs and its accounting, planning at the manager’s level, decisionmaking and control. Managerial costing is mainly used for the preparation of financial statements for use by people outside the company and in developing and renderingsuch information that can be used by the company management for various operations like decision making, planning and control. By managing the costs, managerialcosting aids in creating and enhancing the value in the company through the management of its resources, activities and people.

The topics in this subject would normally cover areas in cost accounting vocabulary, job costing, process costing, activity-based costing, activity-based management, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, standard costing, variance analysis, responsibility accounting, variable costing, transfer pricing, and decision making.

Operations Management:This subject explores the fundamentals of the concept of process analysis in the service as well the manufacturing industries. It also examines how to achieve improvements in the processes concerned with manufacturing, planning and strategy. The basics of design, management and control of the operational processes used in cost management,planning, building and managing enterprise operations systems, supply chain management, research and development, manufacturing, project management and quality management are the topics dealt with in this subject.

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Cost Control: offers the students a deep understanding of the business concepts and approaches that comprisemanagement accounting and cost control. The students study cost and activity allocation methods and they explore the internal integration of cost control with the other modules in resource planning.Topics such as control theory, cost control issues and solutions in real life situations, are examined through case studies in cost control in different organisations.Other units include the structure and hierarchy of cost and profit centres, cost and profit centre accounting in planning, the concepts of profitability analysis and the expressionsof the pertinent accounting applications.

Organisation Development: Organisational development is one of the most important aspects of any business that desires to keep ahead of the competition. For this, the management must be capable of adapting to the fast pace of the changes in the business environment, be able to tackle with the complex situations most effectively and comprehensively, integrate the human element in the company to face the situations as a single entity, and thus create the capability to succeed. The topics would include: systems thinking, interpersonal communication, motivation, leadership, messagestructuring, decisionmaking, persuasion and negotiation, and using power and social influence.

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