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At the undergraduate degree level, Architecture is studied as an academic requirement to qualify for professional accreditation, later ensued by practical training.The main component of the course is centred round design, its concepts, evolution and features. The course in Architecture combines humanities and science as the historical aspects and theory are grounded in humanities and the design, construction and structures are based on science.

Subjects for study in Architecture during the whole course would include:Architectural History, Architectural Theory, Principles of Construction, Principles of Structural Design, Principles of Environmental Design, Studies in History and Theories of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, Principles of Construction, Principles of Professional Practice, Construction Technology, Structural Analysis and Environmental Design, and Architectural Engineering.

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Practical studio work would include: attaining knowledge and skill in preparing models, collage, perspectives, elevations, plans, sections as well as in computer aided design (CAD) and would culminate in the preparation of a design for a projected building.

Architectural History: This subject explores the development of architecture through the ages. The units under this course would normally comprise of Historical Studies, Settlement, Landscape and Medieval Buildings, Post-Medieval Buildings, Site evaluation and survey of Historic Buildings.

Architectural Theory: There is no exact theoretical school in architecture and as such the theories are derived from a variety of thinkers drawn from different fields such as philosophers, psychiatrists, painters, anthropologists and linguistic theorists. Studies from architectural and non-architectural literature are compared to illustrate the influence of thinkers from outside field on creative thinking in architectural design.

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Principles of Construction: The normal units of study in this module would explore the relationshipsbetween order, structure and construction, fundamental structural elements and joints, typical structural sections and their load-bearing performance, principles and concepts of architectural structures, types of simple structures of different dimensions, the impact of structure in the characterisation and value of space andstructure and the utilities of structures in reinforcement and enclosing.

Principles of Structural Design: This course offers an introduction tothe principles of optimisation in structural design, and to render optimisation as a useful design tool in designing frames, struts and beams. The focus is on both the analytical as well as the numerical approachesto optimisation at the variouslevels of complexity in structures.

Principles of Environmental Design: This subject offers an overview of the principles of environmentally sensitive design and planning in"green building" applications and investigates the methods used for incorporating ecological planning and building principles into architectural design processes. Bio-climatic comfort and buildingincorporation,incorporation of passive heating and cooling systems, water conservation, waste systems,using sustainable building materials are some of the topics discussed.

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Finance or Corporate Finance would give the student a brief look into the concepts of financial analysis and the time value of money. The modules could include such subjects as risk and return, cost of capital, capital structure and capital budgeting decision making, dividend policy, long-term capital financing and working capital management.

Foreign Investment unit would normally deal with a survey of foreign trade and investment topics including trade theory and policy, international factor movement, theories of international investment and contemporary trade and investment issues.

Information Technology and Intellectual Property: This course would usually consist of the History and Philosophy of Intellectual Property Rights and their relevance to information technology, the impact of intellectual property rights on the design and development of information systems, patents and the inventor’s rights, industrial patents, emerging issues in technology relevant to intellectual properties.

International Business Transactions would normally include the laws pertaining to the merchandising or the commercial laws, contract formation, export/import transactions, laws regarding the breach of contracts and so on.

Business taxes include income tax, employment tax and excise tax. The corporate taxes are also covered in this unit.

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